Film: EVOLUTION’S ACHILLES HEELS, (First half, Ch. 1 – 4) with live panel discussion

Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS) Meeting,
Thurs. Feb. 26, 7 pm
(First half, Chapters 1 – 4) with live panel discussion
at the Geology Learning Center
(at The Expedition Christian Church)
23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace, WA
 Come early at 6:30 for snacks, book table,
geology rock museum tour

 Film Description:   The Achilles’ heels of evolution are often in the very areas widely considered to be impregnable strongholds of this belief system. These areas are the topics systematically covered in both the book and documentary. They are:  (1) Natural Selection, (2) Genetics and DNA, (3) The Origin of Life, (4) The Fossil Record, (5) The Geologic Record, (6) Radiometric Dating, (7) Cosmology, (8) Ethics and Morality. Since the film is 96 minutes long will show in two parts, each 48 minutes. This first session we will show the first half: parts 1-4. This will allow discussion by a live panel of experts, to review the points made in the film and answer objections by evolutionist critics before taking questions from the audience. This film involves 15 scientists, with relevant science doctorates from secular universities. It features striking footage and brilliant computer animations. We will provide a handout summarizing the points for each section, which we will also post online. The second part (Chapters 5-8) will be shown next month, Th. March 26.

List of Scientists:  Robert Carter, John Sanford, Horace Skipper, Donald Batten, Matti Leosola, Pieter Borga, Jonathan Sarfati, Stuart Burgess, Marcus Ross, Tasman Walker, Emil Silvestru, James Mason, Mark Harwood,  John Hartnett, David Catchpoole.
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Summaries Chapters 1 to 4

Chapter 1: Natural Selection Summary (at 13:19 on DVD)

“Natural Selection” is not evolution
It can only “select”  from pre-existing information
Selection plus mutation works in the wrong direction for evolution
The appearance of new species in predicted by both sides
Natural selection is part of the Creationist model

Chapter 2: Genetics & DNA  Summary (at 24:13 on DVD)

 Information is required for life but does not come from natural processes
The belief that 98% of our genome is junk was a huge mistake
Both sides predict genetic similarity between similar looking organisms
Genetic Entropy* is a profound problem for evolution
Genetics is a powerful ally of the Creationist Model

* Genetic entropy is the more rapid accumulation of harmful genetic mistakes (most are corrected)  compared to the few allegedly helpful mutations, resulting in the eventual  extinction of the species from the genetic load.

Chapter 3: Origin of Life Summary (at 38:57 on DVD)

The simplest possible life is still incredibly complex
Bio-molecules do not come from random chemical reaction
The “RNA World” is scientifically unrealistic
Chemistry, Genetics, Physics, Probability,  Information Theory and linguistics all argue against the spontaneous origin of life
Enzyme catalysts are required for life to exist
Information, Communication and Language are all required for life, but only come from intelligent sources

Chapter 4: Fossil Record Summary (at 52:31 on DVD)

Fossils provide evidence of rapid processes
Largest evolutionary transitions represented by fewest transitional species
The fossil record better matches the Creationist Orchard
Living fossils make little sense within an evolutionist worldview
Soft-tissue fossils defy the evolutionist time frame


Notes and Trailer (2 min) for the book and film DVD.

Book review and excerpts of quotes

Study Guide with discussion questions for the film

Other online curriculum study guides with Creation Science books

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Future CAPS Events and Other Apologetics & Creation-Evolution Events

 CAPS, Thursday March 26,  7 pm
(Second half, Chapters 4-8) with live panel discussion
at the Geology Learning Center
23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace, WA 

Cedar Park Church Apologetics Symposium
Thurs. Feb. 19, 7 pm at Cedar Park Church, Bothell, WA
Evolution’s Four Fatal Flaws
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Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County
Fri. Feb. 20,7 pm at Atonement Free Lutheran Church, Arlington, WA
No Compromise
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 Worldview Apologetics Conference 2014 April 17-19  organized by Antioch Bible Church
held at Westminster Chapel , Bellevue, WA,
Cost $40 ($30 students)
Speakers: Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, E. Calvin Beisner, Doug Geivett

 Christian Heritage Conference, April 23-25 at Overlake Christian Church, Kirkland WA
Creationist speakers: Carl Kerby His web site: and Mike Snavely
Cost: $99 (for family), & $40 web live and 1 month after


by John N. Johnson
President, Creation Association of Puget Sound