Thu. Jan. 29, 7 pm, Bruce Barton, “Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Ancient World”, in Edgewood


The South Sound Creation Forum & Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS) present:

Bruce Barton talks on:  “Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Ancient World”

January 29th at 7 PM at Edgewood Bible Church1720 Meridian Ave. E, Edgewood, WA
(South of Federal Way and East of Tacoma)

Description: Evolutionary theory holds that dinosaurs dominated the earth during the Age of Reptiles, some 230 to 65 million years ago, before mammals evolved.  Then they were all killed off by some catastrophic event, generally supposed to have been an asteroid strike. But mounting evidence indicates that although there was a cataclysmic event in the past, some dinosaurs survived.  Hundreds of clues from many different cultures around the world lend support to the contention that they were around much more recently than 65 million years ago. If this is true, serious questions are raised about dinosaur evolution and the evolutionary timescale.

This talk will introduce the subject of dinosaurs, and present evidence from paleontology, archaeology, legends, old chronicles, and the Bible that stories of ancient monsters were more than just myths.  This evidence will undergird the case for recent creation and the accuracy of the Bible.

About the Speaker: Bruce Barton serves as Vice President of the Creation Association of Puget Sound.  He holds degrees in meteorology and theology, with studies in engineering and graduate work in atmospheric sciences. Mr. Barton was an instrumentation engineer in Research and Development for Weyerhaeuser Company until retirement. He has a broad background as a teacher and speaker to groups of all ages in a wide range of subjects, including science and technology, aviation, and Bible topics, particularly apologetics. He has been speaking and teaching on the creation–evolution controversy for over ten years.

His web site: 

The South Sound Creation Forum is sponsored by the Creation Association of Puget Sound.  We plan to meet monthly at Edgewood Bible Church, and will feature multimedia presentations by speakers, scientists, and authors who are dedicated to defending the Bible against naturalism. The events are free and open to the public and generally suitable for ages 11 and up. Educational resources will be available for sale from the Creation Association of Puget Sound and Monarch Creation Ministry. Edgewood Bible Church is located at 1720 Meridian Ave. E, Edgewood, WA
Online free Video talks by Bruce Barton at the Seattle Creation Conference

The Rise of Darwinism and its Implications for Society

Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Ancient World,

Other Creation Lectures in Jan.

Thu. January 15th @ 7 PM, Cedar Park Apologetics Symposium (monthly 3rd Thursdays) at Cedar Park Church in Bothell, WA   Truth, Lies and Science Education by Paul Taylor
Download Poster/Flier (PDF or DOC

Fri. Jan. 23 at 7 pm,  Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County (monthly 4th Fridays) at Atonement Free Lutheran Church, Arlington WA, Patrick Nurre talks on the Egyptian Chronology  




Th. Dec. 11th, 7:00 PM, J D Mitchell, talks on BIblical Paleontology, Mountlake Terrace

Thursday, December 11th at 7:00 PM
J.D. Mitchell is speaking for the CAPS meeting at
Geology Learning Center & Museum
at Expedition Christian Church,
23601- 52nd Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace, WA
The Power of Biblical Paleontology
Before his talk, after 6:30, we will have the geology museum open and have refreshments, book tables and geology kits.

J.D. Mitchell will speak on The Power of Biblical Paleontology at this CAPS meeting. He will argue that Christian laypersons can have the ability to understand the superiority of Creation Science over Secular Naturalism by obtaining a foundational knowledge of paleontology based on biblical presuppositions. The technical basis for the talk is largely based on his findings at the John Day Fossil Beds in Central Oregon. He has spent a number of years since 2006 researching about the area and its fossils. During that time he developed a hypothesis attempting to explain the paleontological finds of the area based upon biblical presuppositions and according to the worldwide flood described in the Bible.
In this PowerPoint presentation J.D. Mitchell discusses several of his findings concerning the John Day Fossil Beds along with a list he has developed of “Eighteen Paleontology Facts.” He compares the presuppositions of secular paleontology with those of biblical paleontology and looks at what impact these premises had on the early fossil discoveries of the John Day area. Mitchell demonstrates the importance of beginning with the biblical presuppositions in order to stay true to God, our Creator.
J.D. Mitchell is a registered professional engineer, in Oregon and Washington and has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. He has also completed his Master of Biblical Studies in Biblical Creation Apologetics from Master’s Graduate School of Divinity. He is Executive Director of the Institute for Creation Science of Oregon, and speaks and writes regarding the creation versus evolution controversy as a part of his creation science ministry (Creation Engineering Concepts).
J.D. Mitchell has written a number of Creation Science books, including The Creation Dialogues, and Discovering Animals in Ancient Oregon.

Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County
Friday, December 12, – Apologetics Forum Lecture by J.D. Mitchell (ICS) on “Polystrate Fossils & Petrified Forests” at 7:00 PM at Atonement Free Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA. See
Cedar Park Apologetics Symposium
December 18th @ 7 PM Climate Modeling of the Post Flood Ice Age by Dr. Larry Vardiman (Institute for Creation Research) Download Poster/Flier (PDF or DOC)
-John Johnson

Fri. Nov. 7 at 7 pm, Patrick Nurre talks on The Dinosaur Hunters, Mountlake Terrace, WA

CAPS Joint Meeting* with the Geology Learning Center

Patrick Nurre talks on:

“The Dinosaur Hunters”

Friday, November 7, 7:00 pm at the

Geology  Learning Center

23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace

 Free to the public

Drop in early from 6-7 pm for refreshments and explore the geology museum with a full sized dinosaur replica.

And visit their geology store with rock learning kits and books especially geared for home education.

Are you having dinosaur for Thanksgiving dinner?  You might be surprised what science has to say!  Let Patrick Nurre be your guide as you take an entertaining journey exploring “The Dinosaur Hunters” and some of their discoveries and shenanigans!  Bring the whole family!

Bio: Patrick Nurre is from the beautiful state of Montana where he spent many of his Saturdays rock-hounding near the Big Horn River. This early interest led him to a lifelong study of the world of geology, and especially volcanoes. His experience has included extensive geology field study in Montana, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Kansas, Indiana, and Israel.  Patrick speaks at numerous home-school and church conventions, conducts geology classes and leads a variety of geology field trips every year. His high point is an annual field trip to Yellowstone Park, where he helps families discover the Biblical geology in the park. In 2005 Patrick started Northwest Treasures, a business devoted to producing a wide variety of fine geology specimen kits and curricula from a young earth perspective. Patrick has started and pastored churches since 1977. 


VIDEO talk by Patrick Nurre

Creation Geology – The Key to Unraveling Earth History

* Note that we will forgo our regular CAPS meeting day in November to join Patrick Nurre’s program and support his talk.


Is God a Delusion? the Evidence, an Intelligent Design talk by Tom Woodward, Sat. Oct. 4, 7 pm, West Seattle (free dessert event)

Is God a Delusion? What does the Evidence Say?
Presented by Dr. Tom Woodward*
Date: Saturday, October 4th  – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Author & Radio Host of “The Universe Next Door”**
President of C. S. Lewis Society, & professor at Trinity College, Tampa Bay, FL
Location: Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave. SW. Seattle, WA
The C.S.Lewis Society’s free Dessert Event in West Seattle
Lecture starts by 7:30 pm, Q &A afterwards until 9 pm,
Book tables before and after his talk.
Co-sponsored by Calvary Chapel West Seattle and the
Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)
RSVP: (for dessert planning but not required)
Or free registration at Eventbrite  (requires your email address)
or call or (better) text John Johnson at 425-785-6349

Dr. Tom Woodward, is the author of “Doubts about Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design” and “Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design,” will analyze the scientific claims of the “New Atheism.”  Is God a delusion as Richard Dawkins asserts? Or has the reality of God been shown through evidence from fossils, DNA, and astronomy?  Are the scientific facts now supporting the “God hypothesis”?  Find out for yourself.  No charge for admission; a love offering will be received.
Tom Woodward bio
C.S. Lewis Society bio: Thomas E. Woodward is a research professor and department chair of the theology department at Trinity College of Florida and a prominent Christian apologist.

Books by Tom Woodward
(1) Doubts about Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design, Thomas Woodward, Baker Books, June 2003, ISBN 0-8010-6443-0
Doubts about Darwin : A History of Intelligent Design – Book Reviews
Doubts about Darwin : A History of Intelligent Design – Reader Reviews
Support NWCreation’s annual Seattle Creation Conference & Buy this book at
(2) Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design, Thomas Woodward,  Baker Books, November 1, 2006, ISBN 0-8010-6563-1
Darwin Strikes Back – Book reviews  –
(Caveat – an anti-creationism polemic)
Darwin Strikes Back – Reader Reviews
 (3) The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA, by Thomas E. Woodward, James P. Gills, Kregel Publications, January 1, 2011, ISBN: 0825441927
The Mysterious Epigenome: – Book reviews
The Mysterious Epigenome:  – Reader reviews

**PODCASTS with Tom Woodward
KTBN Radio Show: The Universe Next Door
Podcasts archive:  – ID view, Discovery Institute’s review
Listen to the show live each Saturday at 5 pm Eastern time (2 pm Pacific time) on KTBN radio Tampa Bay at:
Tom Woodward interview with Casey Luskin, lawyer for Discovery Institute

VIDEOS with Tom Woodward
“Darwin or Design” with Dr. Tom Woodward featuring guest Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Jan. 5, 2011 (55:33)

AUDIO  interview by Apologetics315 with Tom Woodward (47 min)

ARTICLES by Tom Woodward
Were the Darwinists Wrong? National Geographic stacks the deck. By Thomas Woodward, Christianity Today, November 1, 2004
Prominent Atheist Professor of Law and Philosophy Thomas Nagel Calls Intelligent Design Scientific and Constitutional to “Mention” in Science Class, Apologetics by Tom Woodward, Jan. 30, 2014
More info at:


CAPS meeting: Mon. Sep. 15, 7 pm, Dr. Robert Carter talks on The Non-Mythical Adam & Eve, in Mountlake Terrace

CAPS Meeting. Mon. Sep. 15, 7 pm
Dr. Robert Carter
The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve
At the Geology Learning Center in
The Expedition Christian Church
23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace
Come at 6:30 pm for snacks, book table, tour geology museum

 The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve – Many people mistakenly believe science has proven that Adam and Eve never existed. In this presentation, Dr. Carter digs into the science of genetics, using the most up-to-date information, to show how Adam and Eve are completely consistent with the data. Instead of discrediting Genesis, modern science affirms that we came from just two ancestors who lived only a few thousand years ago.

Robert Carter tour schedule in Washington State, Sep. 14-19 aat:

 Robert Carter entered the University of Miami to obtain his PhD in Marine Biology (Genetics). He successfully completed this program in 2003 with a dissertation on “Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins.” While in Miami, he studied the genetics of pigmentation in corals and other invertebrates, designed and built an aquaculture facility for Caribbean corals,
From: &

 Robert Carter Genetics Articles cited in this talk:

The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve – a refutation of Francis Collins and the Biologos Institute (Theistic evolution)

 Robert Carter  quoted in
Dr. Robert Carter, Marine Biologist, genetics, said this about Neanderthal:  “Recent archaeological studies show that Neandertals were behaviorally human; they apparently even had the spare time and intellect to make cosmetics.”  Recently, the study of Neanderthal genome was fully released, and “this showed us things completely unexpected from evolutionary theory.  First, Neandertal was fully human.  Second, he is related to people living in Eurasia today.  Third, Neandertals interbred with modern humans, meaning they were the same species, even though evolutionists claim that they split off from modern humans 500,000 years ago.  So there is nothing in the data to suggest Neandertals were not fully human.  And there are many reasons to believe they lived on the earth after the Flood and are descended from Noah and his family like everybody else,” says Dr. Carter.


Article: Interview

Article: Noah & Genetics


Creation Genetics & Adam Our Ancestor | Origins  – Dr. Robert Carter (26:30)

 Creation Genetics & Adam Our Ancestor  –  Dr. Robert Carter

 Eve: Real Evidence | Origins   –  Dr. Robert Carter

 Genetics According to Jesus – Dr. Robert Carter

 The Multidimensional Genome – Dr. Robert Carter -

 Dr. Robert Carter with Jim Cantelon

 The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve – Dr. Robert Carter -

 Dr Rob Carter Bio Video

 “Mitochondrial Eve & the 3 ‘Daughters’ of Noah” – Dr Rob Carter


CAPS Fri. Sep. 5, 7 pm, Dr. Don Johnson 2 talks: Evolution of “kinds”; Catastrophism & fossils

CAPS Meeting Friday September  5, 7-9 pm
Dr. Don Johnson will do two talks at the Geology Learning Center
in the The Expedition Christian Church
23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace
7 pm Part 4 — Evolution, species, and “kinds” PDF
8 pmPart 5 — The flood, catastrophism, fossils, and time  PDF
Come early at 6:30 for snacks, book table, visit the geology museum*.
Bio: Don Johnson has earned Ph.D.s in both Computer & Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota and in Chemistry from Michigan State University. He was a senior research scientist for 10 years in pharmaceutical and medical/scientific instrument fields, served as president and technical expert in an independent computer consulting firm for many years, and taught 20 years in universities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Europe. Since “retiring,” he has done consulting, speaking, and writing (four books & several peer-reviewed papers). He has made presentations across the US and on most continents.

His Biblical Creation & Science web site is at:
His secular Intelligent Design Web site is at:
Also see his sites on
* For more Info on Patrick Nurre’s Rock and Fossil museum, his geology kits & seminars for homeschoolers, his tours to Yellowstone National Park and his tours to dig real dinosaur fossils in Glendive Montana, see
BOOKS by Don Johnson

Programming of Life  (See same name DVD and lecture below)
Big Mac Publishers, Sep. 2010
Description: “This book expands the information and its processing that was introduced in the “Probability’s Nature and Nature’s Probability” books (scientist and “Lite” versions).  No proposed scenario so far has dealt in a feasible manner with this critical topic.  The non-material reality of information is stressed, especially with respect to instantiated algorithms, controls, and symbolic codes.  The book stresses an information science perspective, taking no stance on philosophical or theological issues that could be envisioned.”

Probability’s Nature and Nature’s Probability : A Call to Scientific Integrity
Book Surge Publishers Mar. 2009 & Updates Nov. 2010)
Description: Update Nov, 2010 from Mar, 2009 original. The author once believed anyone not accepting the “proven” scenarios for chemical and biological evolution that were ingrained during his science education had the same mentality as someone believing in a flat earth. With continued scientific investigation, paying closer attention to actual data (rather than speculative conclusions), he began to doubt the natural explanations that had been so ingrained in a number of key areas including the origin and fine-tuning of mass and energy, the origin of life with its complex functional information, and the increase in functional complexity in living organisms. It was science, and not religion, that caused his disbelief in the explanatory powers of undirected nature using scientific-sounding concepts that in fact have no known scientific basis. Scientific integrity needs to be restored so that ideas that have no methods to test or falsify are not considered part of science. Too often “possible” is used by scientists without considering that “possible” has a scientific definition within the nature of probability. For example, one should not be able to get away with stating “it is possible that life arose from non-life by …” or “it’s possible that a different form of life exists elsewhere in the Universe” without first demonstrating that it is indeed possible (non-zero probability) using known science. This book reviews the many prevalent scenarios that are widely accepted, but need closer examination of their scientific validity. It will also examine the scientific validity of Intelligent Design (ID) as a model that can be empirically detected and examined. For example, the book uses known science (including Shannon, functional, and prescriptive information principles) to prove that it is impossible (zero probability) for life’s complex information system, with thousands of interacting computers in each cell, to have an undirected natural source. The usefulness of the ID model for furthering scientific inquiry is also analyzed. One chapter is devoted to exposing fallacies, presuppositions, and beliefs that attempt to prevent acceptance of ID as “science.”

Probability’s Nature And Nature’s Probability – Lite:
A Sequel for Non-Scientists and a Clarion Call to Scientific Integrity
Big Mac Publishers (2009)
Description: “This is the sequel to the well received “Probability’s Nature And Nature’s Probability which was written in depth for Scientist and Professionals. This new book has the same wonderful foundation, but has been revised and put into layman’s terms so anyone can understand it.  (See that book’s description)

Programming of Life and its Prerequisites
Big Mac Publishers, Sep. 2010
Author’s description: “This book expands the information and its processing that was introduced in the “Probabilitiy’s Nature and Nature’s Probability” books (scientist and “Lite” versions).  No proposed scenario so far has dealt in a feasible manner with this critical topic.  The non-material reality of information is stressed, especially with respect to instantiated algorithms, controls, and symbolic codes.  The book stresses an information science perspective, taking no stance on philosophical or theological issues that could be envisioned.”

Programming of Life Prerequisites: Physical Constants and Properties Requirement
Big Mac Publishers, 64 pages, Nov, 2010


Documentary featuring Don Johnson:
Programming of Life (2012 Telly Award winner for best educational film)  (44:05)
Description: An exploration of microbiology, information science, and the origin of life.
A documentary film featuring Don Johnson, not just a lecture

Programming of Life, film documentary excerpts (3:53)

Complete 44 min documentary film

Programming of Life (POL) Documentary film (44:06)

VIDEO – lectures by Don Johnson

Science Every Christian Needs to Know:
a 10-min excerpt, not overly technical

6-Part Lecture Series

Intro to Creation, Evolution, & Science Facts
To play all six see the play list (it plays each video sequentially and automatically goes to the next video) at:

Part 1 of 6: Creation, Evolution and Scientific Facts (48:23)
or better quality on
Notes-1 (PDF):

Part 2 of 6: ** Mass and Energy: Origin and Fine-Tuning  (1:00:18)
or better quality at:
** Notes-2:

Part 3 of 6: Life and Its Origin (1:00:17)

part 4 of 6: Evolution (macro vs micro) Species and Kinds, (55:00)

Part 5 of 6: The Flood, Catastrophic, Fossils, and Time (1:03:17)

Part 6 of 6: Scientific Reliability of the Bible Part 6 of 6  (47:28)

 * Programming of Life (lecture) (1:05:46)
* Notes-POL:


Radio interview Southwest Radio Church (
Programming for Life radio program (24:30)

Audio for 6-part series on Creation (play or download mp3 files)


CAPS Meeting Fri. June 20, 2014, 7 pm, Mike Riddle talks on Genesis and Biblical Discernment in Federal Way

June 20, 10:30 in Redmond; June 21, 8:30 in Bothell; June 22, 10 am & 11:15 in Woodinville; Also, Video/resource links

CAPS Talk Fri. June 20, 2014, 7 pm
Mike Riddle to speak on the topic
Genesis and Biblical Discernment

Text: I Thess. 5: 21-22: “Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.”

EdgewoodBibleChurch, 1720 Meridian Ave. E.,
Edgewood, WA98371, Church phone: 253-927-2767

Talk description: This seminar starts by discussing biblical discernment (1 Thess. 5:21-22). The next three examples are used as lessons on biblical discernment.
1    How long were the days of creation?
2.   Did God use evolution?
3.  What are schools teaching and not teaching
The seminar then focuses on Christian youth and why so many are leaving the church. The seminar concludes with a four-part strategy to help our students defend their faith and hold firm to God’s Word.

Mike Riddle’s Videos on the talk subject (for other videos see list at end):

#1 Did God use evolution?, 27 min

#2 The Days of Creation, 31 min

#3, Objections to Six Days, answered, 33 min

Speaker bio: Mike is the founder and president of Creation Training Initiative (CTI). He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation, apologetics and Christian education. He has been speaking and teaching on biblical creation and apologetics for over 30 years. Mike was also a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and a national champion in track and field. He currently lives with his wife, Lesley in Hebron, Kentucky.
His web site with videos and other resources

detailed bio & photo at:

Other Puget Sound talks by Mike Riddle
Thurs. June 19, 7 pm, Apologetics 101, Answering the Challenges:
At CedarParkChurch, Bothell

Te theme of this seminar is on learning how to be a 1st Peter 3:15 Christian – have a ready answer. Many challenges are answered: How could Adam have named all the animals in one day, How could Noah fit all the animals on the Ark, How can the first three days of creation be days when the sun was not created until the fourth day, Where did Cain get his wife, carbon-14 dating, and more

Fri. June 20, 10:30 – 12
Stem Cells and the Sanctity of Human Life
at Trilogy at Redmond Ridge – John Johnson’s house
22863 Ne 127TH Way Redmond WA 98053

RSVP suggested for seating planning (up to 40)

Johnson @ , 425-785-6349

For background see:

Mike Riddle video Cloning, Stem Cells and the Value of Human Life, 2008, HD, 54 min


Sat. June 21, 8:30 – 5:30

Christian Teacher Training Course

at CedarParkChristianSchool, Bothell (adjoining CedarParkChurch)

Cedar Park Christian School
16300 112th Ave NE
Bothell, WA98011

Download and Print Flier

Get Directions

Detailed Course objectives

Registration and info Email Steve Lee
Call Bonnie (425) 488-9778 x 1114

Limited enrollment (16 enrolled as of 6/13)


Sun. June 22, 10 am – 11 am,

Genesis and Biblical Discernment at Avondale Bible Church, Woodinville WA, Sermon & church service.


Sun June 22, 11:15 to 12:15, AvondaleBibleChurch, WoodinvilleWA

Sunday School talk on

Dinosaurs and the Bible & Are Birds descended from Dinosaurs?

Video Mike Riddle talks about Dinosaurs , Excerpt 7 min


Other Media Resources by Mike Riddle


Mike Riddle Video talks from Seattle Creation Conferences 2003 & 2005


Articles by Mike Riddle


Video Origin of Life (in 4 parts), part 1, HD, 25 min.


Video Four Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist , HD, 2010, 50 min.


Video playlist Youtube (37 videos)


Mike Riddle Show KGNW Radio,2003-4, live interviews with distinguished creation scientists (1 hour)